Tigers Get Revenge, Sweep Cards

Well…it’s a good thing that the Tigers who played these last three games didn’t show up for the World Series last year, because they thoroughly outplayed the Cards in this last series.  It was the starting pitching that let the team down this series, not the offense.  Looper, Reyes and Thompson were all knocked around HARD!  There’s really not much more to say about that.  With the exception of Jimenez on Friday, the bullpen was pretty good like it has been most of the year.  But perhaps a major positive to take from the series: Albert Pujols is hitting!!  The offense looks like it is slowly coming around, and Pujols is the key to the heart of the lineup.  If the past few games were not just a blip on the radar then expect the Cards offense to unload on the Pirates in the next series.


Cards, Wells Choke.

Well, not only did the Wells blow the game for the Cards tonight, but I lost a $5 bet to my roomate as well.  I said Wells would let up less than four runs, and after the 4th inning and 100 pitches, I declared victory.  Then LaRussa decided to send Wells back out… and he gave up a three-run homer.  I like LaRussa, and I understand he wanted Wells to get the win, but he struggled through four innings and his pitch count was up. LaRussa is right more often than not, but this was a mistake that cost the Cards the game.

On the bright side, the club is still getting hits. Molina, Eckstein, and Encarnacion had multi-hit games Wednesday. And the bullpen would be a much bigger force if we could give them the lead more often.

The Cards have Thursday off, and then begin interleague play against the American League Champion Detroit Tigers

Redbird Bats Showing Life

Well it looks like The Cardinal players, who I’m sure are avid readers of this blog have taken my advice, and actually woken up and are starting to hit the ball.

After almost no offense against the Padres, the Cards are hitting like last year all of a sudden.  They have scored 15 runs in the first two games against the Dodgers. They have also gained a game on the Brewers have lost their last two to the Phillies.  I’m not completely relieved after just two games, but it is a start.  Lets hope it continues.  If Wainwright would have turned in a halfway decent outing the Cards would be looking for the sweep Wednesday.

Wednesday’s game is going to be a big one for a couple of reasons.

1. A win means we take the series, and with the long  season a team just tries to take things one series at a time.

2. Kip Wells will try to get his second win of the season.  His main issue has been that he seems to get frusterated when he gives up a run, and then gives up a few more in the same inning.  Hopefully with seeing that the team is scoring, Wells will bare down if he makes some early mistakes and realize the team is still in the game.

No Support for Reyes…Again

Well what do you know? The Cards provided no run support for Reyes again and missed a chance to gain a game on the Brewers.  Reyes let up a few runs early, and the game was over after that.

What’s going on with the Cards offense?  If anyone has a guess let me know.  Because they honestly cannot do a **** thing.  Kennedy, Eckstein, Rolen and Edmonds are struggling to bat .200. They look terrible.  Pujols is battng .250 and has struck out on more pitches away than I can count. Even Chris Duncan who was the only bright spot in the lineup is in a slump.  The offense literally has nothing going right now, they can barely get hits, they haven’t hit a homer in 10 games, and they hardly have any speed either.  The only time they seem to score any runs is if an opposing pitcher gets in trouble and walks a couple of batters, or the opposing defense makes errors. 

I don’t know what fruststerates me the most: The fact that no one can explain why our offense is so awful?  The fact that the lineup seems to have no energy at alland looks lethargic?  Or maybe that for the most part, team pitching has been spectacular, and if we could score just a few runs we would be on the Brewers heels instead of nine games back.

So Cardinals… WAKE UP AND HIT THE **** BALL!!  In case you forgot you are the defending World Champions.

Chance to Gain on the Brew Crew

With the Brewers game just going final the Cards have a chance to gain some ground.  Oliver Perez pitched a gem for the Mets as they beat Milwaulkee 2 out of 3.  Now its up to the Cards to score some runs for Anthony Reyes.  Reyes has the worst run support in baseball at just over a run per game.  Let’s go Cards!!

Important Weekend for the Cards

The Cardinals and their "white hot" offense head into San Diego to start a three game series with the Padres tonight.  Well, maybe "white hot" is a bit of an exageration, but the Cards are on a two game winning streak, and scored nine their last game.  Lets hope that the offense has finally awoke and Wednesday was not hust a hiccup, because they will need it Friday night against the hard-throwing Jake Peavy in cavernous PETCO Park.  Peavy’s counterpart will be the slumping Kip Wells.  The  following two game s look much more favorable for the Cards as they have a great matchup with Looper vs. Young, and a battle of the young guns in Reyes vs. Germano.Not only will the Cards be going up against great pitching in a pitchers park, but the Division Leading Brewers will be going up against the Mets. 

If the Mets can knock the Brew Crew off their current 6-game win streak and win at least two out of three in the series, maybe the Cards could gain some ground.  Unfortunately the Mets are throwing Sosa, Pelfrey, and Perez, their three worst pitchers agaisnt the Brewers three best, Suppan, Sheets, and Capuano.  So the chances of a Brewers slip-up aren’t that great.

Prediction: Cards take 2 of 3.

Peavy has been amazing this season and Wells is in a slump so don’t count on the first game.  Looper has been great and Reyes gets better each start so we should (and need) to take the second two.