No Support for Reyes…Again

Well what do you know? The Cards provided no run support for Reyes again and missed a chance to gain a game on the Brewers.  Reyes let up a few runs early, and the game was over after that.

What’s going on with the Cards offense?  If anyone has a guess let me know.  Because they honestly cannot do a **** thing.  Kennedy, Eckstein, Rolen and Edmonds are struggling to bat .200. They look terrible.  Pujols is battng .250 and has struck out on more pitches away than I can count. Even Chris Duncan who was the only bright spot in the lineup is in a slump.  The offense literally has nothing going right now, they can barely get hits, they haven’t hit a homer in 10 games, and they hardly have any speed either.  The only time they seem to score any runs is if an opposing pitcher gets in trouble and walks a couple of batters, or the opposing defense makes errors. 

I don’t know what fruststerates me the most: The fact that no one can explain why our offense is so awful?  The fact that the lineup seems to have no energy at alland looks lethargic?  Or maybe that for the most part, team pitching has been spectacular, and if we could score just a few runs we would be on the Brewers heels instead of nine games back.

So Cardinals… WAKE UP AND HIT THE **** BALL!!  In case you forgot you are the defending World Champions.


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