Redbird Bats Showing Life

Well it looks like The Cardinal players, who I’m sure are avid readers of this blog have taken my advice, and actually woken up and are starting to hit the ball.

After almost no offense against the Padres, the Cards are hitting like last year all of a sudden.  They have scored 15 runs in the first two games against the Dodgers. They have also gained a game on the Brewers have lost their last two to the Phillies.  I’m not completely relieved after just two games, but it is a start.  Lets hope it continues.  If Wainwright would have turned in a halfway decent outing the Cards would be looking for the sweep Wednesday.

Wednesday’s game is going to be a big one for a couple of reasons.

1. A win means we take the series, and with the long  season a team just tries to take things one series at a time.

2. Kip Wells will try to get his second win of the season.  His main issue has been that he seems to get frusterated when he gives up a run, and then gives up a few more in the same inning.  Hopefully with seeing that the team is scoring, Wells will bare down if he makes some early mistakes and realize the team is still in the game.


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